Last Day Of Winter

I can hardly believe that Spring starts tomorrow!!

Hardly heard from us lately?  I’m been working hard at filling your orders but unfortunately posting has been on the low side.  Our family has endured some hard losses and illnesses as I’ve heard many of you have as well.  That’s what life is all about. The good mixed in with some not so good times.  But life is a gift and we must never forget that.  Spring is about renewal and new beginnings. But more of that later on.

Just know I am only a phone call away, a text away, an email away, taking and designing flowers for your special someone or occasion.  Start the week on a high note!!

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We Missed Canyon View Bridal Show

I am so sorry I missed the recent bridal show at Canyon View Dining Hall in San Ramon California. The day before this great event, I became ill with fever, chills, and coughing. I was so disappointed that I missed this wonderful event and the opportunity to answer you flower wedding questions. Please know I am available any time and would love to meet with you. Call us and keep on planning!

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Valentine’s Flowers 2018

Everyone wants to be loved or at the least, thought about.  We all want to  matter to someone!! Flowers are a wonderful way to show that. Whether it’s something, small or larger, it speaks volumes to the one receiving those flowers.  Lover, friend, mother, sister, husband, co-worker, neighbor. Everyone benefits from your giving of flowers.

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Time Marches On

Good Morning Fellow Flower Lovers,

Today is October 19, 2017 and there are 9 weeks left before Christmas. It always amazes me how quickly time passes by. I’ve been blessed this year, working for so many wonderful couples. I know that the countless floral arrangements I made has brought an enormous amount of joy to our clients.

I love to post and share pictures of my work but I lack the discipline in doing just that. In an era of Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, and Pintirest, it’s a perfect platform to highlight your creations, and my hope is that you will understand just how much I love flowers. But no one really knows unless I start sharing those pictures.   So it’s time to share my passion with all of you. My plan is to show current and past photos. I hope you can get a feel for what I can truly offer you.

As a reminder, we are a full service floral studio. Usually, during the mid week , we have a special arrangement of the day. Price range is around $50. This arrangement is perfect for last minute orders. I also do custom work but usually need at least 1 to 2 days lead time. All my flowers are absolutely fresh and last many days.

Besides wedding arrangements, I provide flowers for all occasions such as birthdays, Get Wells, Congratulations, Graduations, Just because, all major holidays, as well as Celebrations of life/Sympathy work.

Contact us anytime. I am here to help you.


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Corsages & Boutonnieres

Love the delicateness of Orchids in boutonnieres and corsages.  One of my favorite things to do is make beautiful flowers for everyone to wear. It’s such a gift from my heart, (because I made it with love), but also from the person who ordered it for that loved one. It shows them just how much you care.

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Raining Day Wedding

Oh No!!

It’s raining, and today I’m coordinating a wedding at the church. It’s indoors but still I can’t help but feel really feel bad for the bride.

I know she was keeping her fingers crossed, wishing that it wouldn’t rain on her wedding day.
It’s difficult as it is dragging a long train around. Never mind having a bad hair day because of the rain. It makes it 10X worse on your wedding day. I could only give her hope by stating that old saying that rain brings a happy marriage. So does it, or do we make our own happiness? I think we have that power to bring happiness into our lives.

So today whether it’s rain or shine, it is a glorious day! Today my bride, Adelaine will marry the man she has always dreamed she’d find and they will make their happiness together.

See you soon, rain or shine, with a hat on me, to keep my hair from growing out of control!



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We can post pictures now!

We’re here and now able to post pictures of our beautiful designs.  Sometimes we get busy and don’t write as much as we’d like or get to share our wonderful pictures on a timely basis.  Keep checking us out. We won’t let you down!!!

Andy & Lilly-(3 of 4)-3

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Blogging and Sharing

I find that the busier I am designing flowers throughout the year, the less time I spend blogging and posting pictures. It’s the part of the business I miss. I hope that I can find a way to share my story’s and pictures much sooner rather than later. That’s my wish for 2015!!

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Fresh Flower Care

 Rose arrangement

         Professional florist feed their cut flowers with specific food to nourish and keep  the  flowers fresh for as long as possible.  There are so many factors involved with how long flowers will  last.  Freshness is key from the beginning. Whether they were purchased or cut in your garden.  Other factors that influence the length of time a flower last is,  the type of flower species, whether flower were processed and conditioned properly by the florist before being sold, what environment are the flowers in at their destination.  Ex: sometimes flowers are placed by a television or heater.  

        Flower food is not something we have on hand at home. If you didn’t receive a flower food packet with your arrangement, here’s a simple solution you can put together at home, to keep your flowers fresh for days on end.  


Recipe: 1 Table spoon of sugar

       ½ Teaspoon of vinegar

       ½ Teaspoon of bleach

Mix it all together. Fill your container with water and add your food solution. Cut your flowers on an angle. This helps the flowers to absorb more water. Make sure there aren’t leaves beneath the water as they will start decomposing your flowers. But feel free to leave as many leaves as you can on each stem.  They help the flowers breathe and add beauty and texture to your design. 

It’s advisable to cut your stems everyday and change the water. Personally I never do this. And I don’t think the average person bothers to do this as well. But it’s really important to add waterto  your arrangement every day.  Your flowers will stay fresh and beautiful until the last petal falls.


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I love purple and lavender wedding bouquets

Maid of Honor buquet It seems like purple is the it color for weddings. You can”t get enough of it. From dresses to tablecloths and napkins. Whether you accent with purple  and lavender or use it as the main color, it always makes a statement.

This bouquet is made with Cool Water Roses, lavender, and purple Lisianthius. This flower resembles an open Rose and it”s one of my favorites to use.

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